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I've started the third book in The Form Benders series entitled, The Form Benders, The Cat's Meow. Well, that's the working title at the moment, anyway. This new story will take Ripley and his friends back into the world of the humans, where Ripley's friendship with Pete Cranston and Pete's family will take center stage.

The two young men will be forced to believe in and trust each other, and their own strengths, to find the rest of the form benders who have magically disappeared from Haven's Rest. They will meet their foes on a battlefield of wits, and learn that the "cunning of the cougar" within them will be required to outsmart Kestler and the FBEF forces that are dogging their steps.

As Ripley's form changes once again, new trials and challenges will face him at every turn. Once Ripley is transformed into a cougar by the magic he possesses, the challenge of convincing his friend that he is, in fact, his old bud Ripley, will be a confrontation that neither of them will soon forget. As they reunite to return Whitemane, his family, and the rest of the inhabitants of Haven's Rest to their homes, securing the town from further encroachment by Kestler and her minions, the tangled events seem to become increasingly more obscure. Armed with only their common sense and their crafty ideas, Ripley and Pete must solve the mysteries that surround the form benders disappearance and outmaneuver the machinations of the evil Kestler.

Press Release - Feb 1, 2013

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February 1, 2013
Brighton Publishing signs Jan Carpenter for her sequel
“The Form Benders: The Bear Essentials”

With a rich and intense understanding of both loyalty and love, Jan Carpenter relates the riveting story of a young man’s battle against the evil forces of an enchanted land.

CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC is excited to announce the signing of author Jan Carpenter for her second book “The Form Benders: The Bear Essentials,” the thrilling sequel to her first book “The Form Benders: The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.”

Once again, Jan Carpenter delights her readers with the captivating story of Ripley and the magical world of The Form Benders. “The Form Benders: The Bear Essentials” is scheduled for eBook release in mid-2013 and will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading retailers nationwide. The print version is currently slated for release in late-2013 and will be available through Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor.

In Jan Carpenter’s ongoing saga, Ripley, a young shape-shifter, must overcome his debilitating fears and nearly insurmountable obstacles to save his true love, Whitemane, from certain death.

Malador, Oren, Skerrin, and others of the bender clan, soon join Ripley on his quest to find the mysterious Kirradar—a legendary tribe thought to possess an antidote for the poisonous bite of the Aldrich.

In a race against time, Ripley must struggle to cross the brutally rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains while also adjusting to his new form—that of a bear. Eventually, he must not only conquer the jagged mountains, but will soon be cast into a dark and mysterious forest filled with malevolent creatures—all intent on one thing—Ripley’s destruction.

Ultimately, Ripley finds the Kirradar, but must now to face the trials in order to prove himself worthy of being called a Kirradar warrior. Now, within the Twisting Tribunal, Ripley must search for something deep within himself if he has any hope of surviving the severe tests set before him and acquiring the antidote in time to save Whitemane.

“Jan Carpenter delivers a classic tale of human endurance, love, and loyalty as she guides her readers on a breathless tour through a land of magic and mystery,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “The Form Benders: The Bear Essentials is not only a grand representation of intelligent fantasy writing, but a true merging of dynamic plot, intense scenes, and genuinely absorbing characters.”

Since the day she fell in love with the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Jan Carpenter has never wanted to leave. Together, with her husband of twenty-one years, she currently resides in Shaver Lake, California. She loves to spend time writing, reading, and enjoying the company of others. Ms. Carpenter often enjoys deep philosophical discussions and her books reflect a depth of untamed discovery.